Chronology of a Ransomware Attack


This chronology is a fictional characterization of an actual ransomware attack on some unsuspecting IT administrators with names and programs that have been changed to protect the innocent (or the unlucky).

Monday, December 7, 2020 – 18:35 (IT Crew)

Dave, Jack, Cathy and Rashid all work in the IT Department of a large Law Firm and are required to stay late daily, after all of the firm’s employees have left for the day, to administer systems and perform the daily backups of computer systems when they are not in use. This after-hours, unsupervised work period gives the IT crew the opportunity to play action/shooter, multi-player games over the company Local Area Network (LAN) while they wait for menial IT tasks to complete for the day. Their game of choice today is called “Solar Commando,” and they all downloaded the same “cracked” version of the game using BitTorrent and have been “fragging” each other over the network for the last hour.

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