SCAM: Call from Computer Maintenance Department

This scam sucks and they seem to be getting out of control. Two years ago my Mom got scammed out of $300 on her credit card and we had to reimage her laptop after she had gotten a call from “Windows Tech Support” and, before checking with her son, the security guy, went ahead and let them remote to her laptop and enter her credit card information under the guise of helping rid her viruses. She got her money back from VISA and we reported to RCMP.

I get the calls often in the evenings and always someone with an Anglo-Saxon name with an obvious South Asian accent. I recently got a call from 1-989-686-3652 (reverse lookup shows Michigan, US) and here’s the dialog:

Aggressive South Asian Accent: “Sir, this is Mark from computer maintenance department and the computer is making errors and problems on the Internet!”
Me: “Oh, really. The computer?”
Aggressive South Asian Accent: “Do you have have a computer connected to the Internet?”
Me: “Yes, many. Which one is it?”
Aggressive South Asian Accent: “Many? How many PCs do you have?”
Me: “Sorry, I can’t tell you that. Tell me which one is causing the problem.”
Aggressive South Asian Accent: “Your PC is making big problems for us and you will get in trouble.”
Me: “Wow, we don’t want that to happen – which IP address or hostname are you referring to?”
Aggressive South Asian Accent: “Yes, that’s right so I can help you.”
Me: “Sir, you missed my question. Which IP address or hostname is causing you the problem?”
Aggressive South Asian Accent: “You know all your PC address on the Internet?”
Me: “Yes, I have an internal network connected through a range of NAT addresses on the Internet, I would know if the address is mine.”
Aggressive South Asian Accent: <CLICK> hung up…

Microsoft, RCMP, FBI and many other agencies are aware of the scam and have education and warnings that indicate “just hang up the phone” and I wouldn’t engage in baiting the perpetrator (the way I did) as these callers can get very aggressive and can go as far as death threats (as this British Columbia man found out here).

In Canada at least, you can report any suspicious calls to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre by calling 1-888-495-8501 or by going to However, it seems the agencies are more focused on dealing with the millions of dollars that have be bilked from Canadians that fall victim to the scam.


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  • I’ve just answered a call just now (14 June 2016 @ approximately 16.30 hrs) and the caller introduced himself as “James Dawson”, although he’s got non-english accent when he talks, calling from “The Windows Maintenance Department. He told me that my computer is impacted with viruses and causing problems due to “Hackers” activities which requires immediate action to save my computer from crushing, and to stop from being used by the hackers. He told me so many things particularly about how my computer and showed me a lot of demonstrations such as Network protection, Koobface running; unknown IP address, Verify is off, network is at risk, Banking protection, anti hacking tools, Masgter driver, and etc etc.
    In the end he wanted me to take AVG antivirus licence key with choices from six months to up to 5 years protection cover. He told me that I have to take it right now because if I didn’t my computer will stop. At that stage of our conversation which took about an hour on the phone, I suspected that this could be a scam. I then told him that he sounds to be blackmailing as he said my computer will stop in two hours if I didn’t agree to take protection cover right now. He wanted me to agree and fill up the form which I anticipated that I should be ask in that form my Bank Details so I refused to fill up that form. I told him that I cannot agree to accept his offer till my son comes back from the university. After our conversation, I tried to get the telephone number of Windows Maintenace Department from google but instead I got this page.

  • I still get 6 or 8 calls per week from these idiots, sometimes I say I don’t have a computer, other times I just hang up, or engage them with things they don’t understand. I have worked many years in the tech arena, so I do know a bit about the machines.

    Lately the calls have all had faked phone numbers or names, so are impossible to block. So this morning, 7/26/2016 I get 3 calls in a 15 min. period.

    Just letting you know it’s a growing problem, and I’m sure many people fall for it.

  • Got 2 calls today from these idiots. 00000000# is the number that came up on my cell, red flag of course. 1st call said same as above, i says i have a MAC computer, they hang up. Then they called a couple of hours later, claiming they are calling to fix my MAC. what a joke. I says, MAC’S dont get viruses, so they say to me: someone in California was trying to hack my computer on Saturday while u were using your computer. I said, really I’m a police officer and was working on that day (i lied lol). Then he says, what does that matter, are u in front of your computer? do u want the help or not!. I said, sorry im working right now. He says ok i will call u later.
    Hope no one falls for this scam

  • WOW I just got called by an Asian Guy named (James Johnson) REALLY??

    I will admit he sounded “almost” genuinely concerned. To the point where I had to do some “scam alert” research before I listened to him. He knew my name and everything. But he knew my computer was hacked (supposedly) but doesn’t know if I have a Mac or a PC.. AND he thinks I’m stupid enough to think his address is Troy Michigan.
    He’s suppose to be calling me back in 30 minutes. He has NO IDEA how bad I’m going to curse him out and tell him not to call me back.. SMH

  • I just received a call from MI # 248-555-2387, stating from the computer maintenance department. When I told him I don’t even have my computer setup and it makes no sense he hung up.
    Sure he would try to scam me if I didn’t say that.

  • I got that call just now! I hung up on him!

  • I get calls from people with East India. I tell them to get bent, they still call back a few weeks later. The one I got this morning said his name was Robert. I hate to see people let themselves get ripped off by these goons.

  • Same issue experienced in Denmark 30/8-2018. Noted as a Danish number but missing the last digit. Exact wording “computer maintenance department.”

  • We noticed several missed calls from the same number last week, when I tried to call it back it turned out to be one digit short of a valid number.
    Well, today they called again, and when I answered the call, it was “the computer maintenance department” telling me that for the past few weeks they had received errors from my computer.

    Me: “Strange, I don’t subscribe to a monitoring service!”
    She: “This is the headquarter, the Windows maintenance department.”
    Me (not quite honest): “Very strange, because I have a Mac and a Linux computer, but no Windows”
    She: “Oh. (click)”

    The number is +43 652 121589 if anybody cares.

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